Bienvenido a la revolución comercial del sector B2B

Welcome to the commercial revolution of the B2B sector

67% of the B2B buyer's journey
is already digital

More than 71% of B2B buyers initiate their purchase process with an online search

84% of B2B buyers utilize social networks to inform purchasing decisions

78% of sales reps that employ social selling sell more than their colleagues

70% of B2B buyers incorporate video in their purchase process

100% results

100% specialists in
industry and B2B

+90% repeat customers

Strategy, always tailored

+8 years
of experience

100% smitten
with our projects

We come from industry

We turn your sales challenges into real results through digital marketing strategies

ADI began in the Basque Country, the cradle of the industrial sector on a national scale. We work with B2B and industrial companies that are leaders in their sectors and seek to grow in their natural markets or in new international markets. ADI means attentive in Basque, an attitude that keeps us consistently vigilant to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Project for acquisition of new business opportunities at international level

Adaptation, proactivity and an obsession with maximising ROI are the 3 qualities I value most in ADI Revolution. Their implication in every project makes them seem like an in-house team within the operations of our organisation

Igone Perez
Product Marketing Leader

Project for acquisition of new business opportunities at international level

ADI Revolution has helped us break down the prejudices of the past and shown us that digital channels are a complementary way to gain visibility and win new business opportunities, even in a very industrial context like ours

Imanol Trueba
Head of Marketing

Project for conceptualisation of digital assets aimed at conversion

Working with ADI Revolution's team is a guaranteed success. They make complex things simple and what seems impossible reality. Their specialisation in industry provides us with strategic and innovative solutions adapted to our specific needs

Itziar López de Armentia
Head of Corporate Communication

Project for closing sales meetings prior to attendance at fairs

ADI Revolution has helped us align our marketing and sales teams. Now both departments are pulling in the same direction, with shared goals and clear responsibilities

Amaia Erauskin
Head of Digital Ecosystem

Project for acquisition of new business opportunities at international level

Working with ADI Revolution is a guarantee of professionalism, proximity and results. Magnificent professionals that all managing directors should want to have around

Asier Ukar
Managing Director


ADI Revolution brings security. Even in times of uncertainty. A proactive team with a plan B always available.

Ana Peinado
Marketing & Communications Manager

Project for commercial digitisation with partial internalisation

We had a clear goal: we wanted to internalise part of the digital marketing capabilities within our organisation, and we're doing just that. ADI Revolution is the partner we trust to complement our traditional sales actions with high impact digital strategies

Joseba Díaz
Sales Director

Project for acquisition of new business opportunities at international level

For an industrial company like ours, it's essential to have a partner that shows interest in our changing needs. ADI Revolution has done this right from the start. Their strategic vision and ability is one of their qualities I value most

Pedro Basterrechea
Managing Director

This is not magic, it's very real

  • AAF International
  • INZU Group
  • Sidenor
  • Lontana Group
  • Kiwa PI Berlin
  • Pronutec
  • Cometel
  • Safetech
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